I don't know if you've read the about page, since I did mention there that I lost over 70 pounds in less than a year.

It all started a year ago, on July 31st 2016, when I signed up at a gym, and when the coach saw me come in and ask for a workout routine, I could see he was about to laugh out loud.

If you'd seen me back then, which I'm guessing some of you did, the idea of me working out would have made you laugh as well. My dad dropped me off, and later said to me that he, quote, "Expected you to call within 20 minutes and ask me to pick you up".

 I remember that day vividly, since it was the day that my life changed completely.

I started warming up that I saw an old friend from high school, who I knew worked out, and he laughed as well. But then I figured out, I was running and warming up in the wrong spot.

Before that, I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease, and the doctor said I had to lose a lot of weight in order for that to go away. I said immediately that maybe I could work out, but I never thought I could go on a diet.

A few days after I first joined the gym, I started a diet as well.

I started going to the gym 6 days a week, and later on found and cleaned an old barbell and some other tools in the basement, and set up a mini gym in my room for the weekends.

It wasn't long before my dad, who used to worry about me eating, asked me to eat more.

Of course, the rate at which I was losing weight started to get lower and lower as I went on and on, but I didn't care all that much. I had found a new passion without realizing it for a while. Even when I received bad news, or when I was tired, I still couldn't resist the urge to go to the gym.

I did a lot of cardio, alongside free weight exercises, and I remember I actually managed to wreck two set of Bluetooth headsets and my Moto 360 smartwatch just because of sweating too much. Music always inspired me to workout more and more.

I lost almost 18 pounds in the first month, and a little less the next. Even though I was losing less weight, the real noticeable differences in my size, especially my face and my abs, started to appear months after.

Sometimes, when I felt like my workout rate or my diet wasn't paying off, I even started harder diets. Of course, those diets had a compromise as well. Since I was eating even sometimes less than 1000 Calories per day, I got sick a lot more often.

Anyways, after 10 months, I managed to lose almost 73 pounds and get to 171 from my original 244.

It wasn't just the weight that I lost, it was the impact it had on everything going on in my life, the way I lived my life, and it truly changed the way I saw life.

On how I lost all that weight exactly, the details about my diet, you can contact me.