It's been a while since I got a chance to write, and truth be told, I'm in the finals season, which would be the time where I'd have the least amount of time to spend writing. Well, here it is. I've been really busy this past semester with part-time work and my studies that I couldn't even find the time to even learn anything on my own. I was going to start writing Android apps again, which was forgotten sooner than I'd expect. This semester I took "Data Structures & Algorithms", "Data Mining", "Automata Theory & Computation" ,"Introductory Combinatorics", and mathematics. So as you can tell, I had a full plate.

My job hunt at the end of the summer wasn't very productive, since I started late. I could have found one, but I just didn't have the time to learn a whole new programming language with the new semester starting.

That said, I got two freelance jobs and they were done beautifully, with precision and the best I could do. I made a certain amount of money off of them and with a little bit that I had saved up, I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro, and a new Sony Xperia phone running Android 8.0 Oreo, which is perfect for me.

In terms of collage, I got the chance to work with multiple data mining tools for the course data mining, which I happen to find very interesting. For the course data structures, there was an optional final project which was a program to solve a game. The game was just a mere game that had multiple hospitals and patients and you had to move the 1 ambulance and get to the most suitable patient based on their priority and get them to the nearest hospital. I ended up writing a 700 line CPP program with a bunch of classes that all came together to connect the game to the program and solve it, and even optimized it for racing mode, since they could turn the game into a race between two programs to see which program gathers the most patients, and I did all of that even before the project was formally introduced. I might upload the source code after I'm officially done, since the project is still ongoing.

Overall, I had a very good and productive semester with lots of work, and lots of learning, and I hope I get through the finals with straight A's. Also I might become a TA next semester for either one of the courses Object Oriented Programming or who knows, maybe even DSA. So, I'm gonna be back soon. 'Til then, Cheers!