It's been exactly half a month since I started studying for the GRE General, which I want to take, and hopefully ace soon. I've started studying for the verbal reasoning test, by memorizing every single word of Barron's 800 Essential and so far, I think I'm making progress, just not as fast. If you've been through this or can give me any recommendations, please continue reading.

So basically I started on August 15th, and started out by studying 5 units out of a total of 80. Each unit includes 10 words, their definitions, examples and a review in the end with 3 tests. One test is matching the words to their meanings, one's filling in the blanks with the words and the last one has only 5 sentences where the words are used and you're supposed to say if they make sense or not. So by studying 5 units that'd be 50 words a day, plus here and there some words in the examples, or in the reviews which I didn't know previously, but usually they cancel out with the essential words I do know already. So basically 50 words a day, and by the time I got to 350, one day I was so tired I couldn't study, so I decided to give myself a break for one day. Then I made it to 400 and then 450 but again, too tired to study. And right now, I can barely keep up. Now I did memorize them quick enough, but I can't remember some, but just yesterday I reviewed them, since I write every single word down in a notebook and carry it around everywhere, and as I reviewed, just going over them once helped me remember them pretty well, better than I even expected.

Right now I'm struggling to finish reviewing everything once more, so that I can start studying new words again, but I'm a little bit worried about me not being able to study the past week. It has been a week since I studied well and compulsively.

So if you have any suggestions, please contact me.