I know what you're thinking... I've been gone a long time, but what I think you're really thinking is that, when have you ever been here, dude?

To tell you the truth, the second semester was not at all what I expected.

It was truly, something I had never experienced before, and I'm kinda glad that it was.

Well, the second semester started and I picked more courses than I could handle, and despite what I thought, it wasn't that interesting. I really preferred the first semester, which according to a friend of mine was like Kindergarten only for adults! And he was right, but the second semester was like, something I had never experienced before, and luckily, it's over.

Despite all of that, I really enjoyed two courses, the OOP and Computer Architecture. The OPP(Object Oriented Programming) was really interesting. I got to program hours a day and help get a 100 on the final exam. Of course, after I presented my final project, I got my full score, and I could just skip the final and not even show up. But I did have to show up to sign the presence form or something. Still, me and 3 of my friend all got 100s for OPP.

I also really enjoyed a course called Set Theory, which is the base for courses like Theory of computation and later Compiler. It had many different sections like logic, Boolean algebra, Set theory, axiom of choice, etc. Looking forward to seeing how I did on the final.

I find it interesting how I went a whole couple of months without messing up my phone, my pc or even doing anything that I was addicted to before.

I also lost a couple more pounds, and am now officially 170 pounds, which means I lost over 70 pounds in less than a year. I may upload some before and after pics.

I'm gonna rest for a few days since I barely slept these last few weeks, and then I'm gonna improve my current projects, the HydHome and HydMoney. I'm thinking of applying android 7.1 shortcuts and round icons to both of them, as I explained last week, and maybe even create widgets for the older android devices. Wish me luck!

Check in next week for more goodies!