The third semester came and went so quickly, it gives me a headache just thinking about it.

It went by with lots of memories, good and fairly bad, but still, overall a semester like no other. This semester had a lot of more action, with presentations, projects and of course, left-over work from last summer. Both with the courses I picked and the personal matters, like having car accidents( :D ) and other adventures, I was really pumped up.

I also managed to buy my own 2017 Surface Pro with the money I made last summer, and my Samsung Galaxy suddenly stopped working, because the display just went black, and repairing it was costly since the warranty had ended, so I ended up buying a new Sony Xperia with Android 8.0 Oreo, which is good for me, since I'm a fan of stock and pure Android, especially Oreo. The Surface Pro wasn't part of the plan originally, but since my old laptop was about 6 years old, I suddenly planned to buy a new one, and two in one laptops caught my eye. I was aiming for an Asus Transformer, but I just couldn't resist the Surface. It wasn't long after the semester had begun, so I ended up using the Surface Pen to take notes, and I used Google to sync all my files between my PC and my phone, and so far, it has been amazing.

This semester, I had my hands full with 5 courses with a total of 17 time slots. The way it works is that each course has a course value that represents its multiplier in the GPA, as well as the amount of time of the class per week. For instance the course Data Mining had a course value of 3, just as much as Combinatorics, and Theory of Automata and Machines, which was an introductory course to the theory of comparability, which I had to do some extra-curriculum research on, which I might post soon. I also took Mathematics II and Data Structures and algorithms. I got the full 100% on Theory of Automata and Data Mining which were both challenging and on the other hand interesting courses, as well as a 90 on Combinatorics, as well as an 80 on Math. Still awaiting the results of DSA, but the project went well, which I explained before in a separate post. I'm thinking my average is going to be around 92 to 93, which is better than both the first and second semesters. Also, I might try and become a TA next semester for a course I feel I can handle well, but on the other hand, I'm trying to get back in the game with my startup, Realsoft.

I'm also looking forward to updating this website as often as I can.

Stay tuned!