Well, in a few days, my 4th semester in college is going to begin, and I've picked some very interesting new courses for this semester.

I ended the 3rd semester with an average score of 93.75 and an average of 86.5 overall.

So I mentioned before that I got 100s on two courses, Data Mining and Theory of Computation. Well, turns out I got a third 100 on DSA which brought my semester average over 85 which means I can pick more than 5 courses(or 20 time slots), and I did just that. This semester, I'm taking Compilers, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks, Operating Systems and an interesting course called "Software Engineering and Project Management". I'm also going to be taking a general course, since I didn't take any last semester.

Algorithms is of course the successor of DSA which I had last semester, which is going to be fun. I've looked over some problems discussed in the course before, and even done one of the final projects. It's a combination of theories, and coding which I think is going to be really great.

I wanted to pick another course, but I figured in my extra time, I could work a little bit, or even continue learning Data Mining which I've talked about, since it was a singular course. I might even try and become a TA, since I think some courses might need one.

Compiles and Computer Networks are two courses I'm really going to be interested in, since they both have projects and some extra-curricular work, and I haven't really learned much about them in the past. My primary focus will be on these two courses.

The Software Engineering course is basically a simple course for mostly project managements. It does include a final project, but it can be done during the semester as you go forwards, which is just what I'm looking towards.

Last but not least, Operating Systems is going to need a lot of studying an research since it's mostly learning and doesn't include much coding. Although it may include a final project as well.

I think this semester is going to be difficult but interesting as well, since it includes no mathematical courses(which is a risk I've taken, since there are 4 math courses I haven't taken yet) and includes some of the most interesting courses yet. I wanted to take Database as well, but its class was at the same time as Algorithms, and since I've already worked with databases a lot in general, and from what I hear it's not that difficult, and the fact that Algorithms is a prerequisite to the courses Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks, I had to go with it instead of Database.

If I do find the time, I'm gonna try and update this website, but if I can't, I'm gonna be back mid-June.