I'm well into my 5th semester in college and I've been lucky to choose the best combination of courses. This semester as planned, I'm taking Artificial Intelligence and Introduction to Databases. Soft computing is a term that means using inexact methods to solve NP Complete problems. The components of which include Genetic Algorithms(as a method in Evolutionary computation), which is another course I'm taking.

Fuzzy logic is another component which again, I'm taking. There's also Machine learning and consequently Neural Networks. I've started an ML course online since CompSci undergrads aren't offered the course, and I'm gonna be taking NN next semester. So, Databases, AI, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms and finally, a cherry on top. Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra. I know, the title makes it look like 2 courses, but it's one very interesting course.

Linear algebra discusses matrices and their use. For instance, linear equations can be easily solved using matrices and a method called the Gaussian elimination. It starts with basic operations and concepts when it comes to matrices and matrix theory, and then moves on to more complex operations and the applications.

I'm really looking forward to that course in particular because it has lots of uses and applications when it comes to computer science. I'm also quickly learning Matlab in order to use it for the course itself, as well as Fuzzy Logic and Genetic algorithms, since they are a lot more easily implemented in Matlab.

This semester, there's lots of room to not only learn but do research and find projects or subjects to work on. Really looking forward to it.


As always, thank you for reading, and stay tuned!