Accounting can be difficult, I remember the old days when Microsoft Money was the best and only solution, but since Microsoft dropped the project, there have been lots of accounting apps to help users keep track of everything. Well I had an interesting concept, which I've been working on for a while. It is called HydMoney. Hydarnes' Money App, get it?

Well, the idea was simple. A cross-platform accounting app with cloud sync and no ads, and maybe even free, with a few options you don't see everyday.

The app consists of banks, each bank can have accounts, accounts can have transactions, and transactions are either transfers, income or expense and each of these three have specific categories. The bank only requires a name, and if Automatic Transactions are enabled, it requires 3 words and a messaging service number. Some banks have a messaging service that texts you the information of each transaction made and these messages usually consist of an account number, the amount and the type of the transaction.

Automatic Transactions

When enabled, the app automatically adds the transactions made by just reading your bank's text messages, and even logs the probable location of the transaction.

When you use your credit card in the store, you may not feel like taking your phone out of your pocket to add it to an app right away, but you need to remember what that was. When a transaction is made, the bank send your phone, which has the app installed a text message, then the app, reads the text message, finds the account number and matches it to an account you added to the app, and recognizes whether it's an expense or not, and adds the transaction, labels it Automatic Transaction, sets a date, and the current location which later can be reviewed so you know exactly where you used your credit card, and later change the label and maybe add a memo, or set a proper category for the transaction.

Financial Advice!

This feature is something I'm going to be working on once the app, and all of its other features are complete and bug-free and cloud sync works properly. It is a system that uses your rate of spending, records of gifts and bonuses, and more analyzed information to give you tips on how to spend your money better and even suggest ways to invest, or even open up savings accounts. Maybe in the future, it could analyze the stocks that you own, and suggest when to sell or buy shares.

Cloud Sync

This is something that I'm going to be working on soon. Using either my own server, or maybe a Google or Microsoft Cloud service, the app is going to back up your data, basically everything you added, and sync them via Cloud, and even sync them with your other devices. It's going to be tricky, because having more than 1 device is going to be tricky for Automatic Transactions, and the syncing itself, is not that simple.


When I'm done with Android, I'm going to make a Windows Desktop app that uses the Cloud Sync to help make your accounting easier, and faster when you're at your desk. Later on, I may try and experiment with iOS and Windows Phone, but that depends on my schedule, and the courses I take.


Tell me if you have any suggestions!