Molly was a project I started when I was in middle school. It started first as project VOX, a simple voice assistant for Windows computers. Back then Android was just on the rise, Google Now was newly introduced and Cortana was non-existent. I had a Windows 7 PC and had just learned C# programming and I set out to do what I always had in mind, a Voice activated Assistant slash Friend, that could not only help out with my daily tasks, but also be able to be limitless, and I started with the basics, just a simple app that asked for a username and password, in voice form and typed text as well. It said simple things, worked with Microsoft's old Speech Recognition and Synthesis.

The program worked only for me, had a few songs it could play, and didn't really do that much. I worked on it during my Summer breaks later on. Over a year later, I worked on it right after freshman year in high school, and I changed the name to VVR, and added some other features, things I thought would make it more useful, but it still was a project, that just worked for me, it wasn't modular, it wasn't customizable and overall it was incomplete.

The serious development started after sophomore year, that was when I came up with the name Molly.

Molly was smarter, faster, modular and was customizable, and it could be set up on any computer. It reported the weather, made jokes, had a settings page for custom commands, exceptions(to help make voice recognition more accurate), jokes list, and it would call you by your own name. It also had a setup page.

I made a beta patch, uploaded it for free, posted it on my blog(back then it was called HydJournal), on my website, on social networks, on YouTube, and sent it as an email to everyone I knew, but sadly, it wasn't used by many people. Then the summer was over and I never got a chance to work on the project.

I wrote it as a Console CS script and added the settings page, the setup and everything else as Windows Form scripts to the app, and sorted the code and organized it.

It would have been great if it wasn't something everyone worked on and the average user, didn't expect much from it. In my opinion, it could've become something years ago, but not anymore.

The last things I added were commands for interacting which basically typed anything you wanted, switched windows, browsed around the web, pressed buttons, switched music tracks, controlled the movies or videos you watched, and a lot more than that, and also personal things, where it would ask you how your day went, would cheer you up with a joke and ask you how everything was.

A sad thing that really slowed me down was that when I was developing it, right when I was leaving for a vacation, my hard drive stopped working, and I had backup copies of Molly on my external hard drive, but a lot of things I had worked on were still not backed up and I lost a bunch of stuff forever, and it took me a week to come back and get a new hard drive. But I look at these things as experience, and it is that which counts. Here are a few snaps of the tutorial PDF I made for the app, just for fun:

Well, it's all history now!