I know API 25 or android 7.1 was released a long time ago, but I've had the chance to work with it recently and apply it to the HydHome app, and maybe soon to the HydMoney app. Or who knows, maybe an app for this website?

So my two favorite features that API 25's presented are Round Icons and Launcher Shortcuts. You can set a round Icon for your app so that only the devices that have rounded icons supported by their OEMs, which right now are the pixel phones, show the round icon and the rest of the devices, the main icon. Handy, and has room to grow.

Also, the launcher shortcuts is a sort of look-alike feature to the 3D Touch on the iPhones. I managed to add a few static shortcuts to the HydHome app, but soon, I'm gonna make them dynamic so that the user determines whether it should toggle the lights, the AC or TV or just pop up the pages, or even better, have dynamic icons so you know whether the lights are on, just with a long press! This last one may need a lot of work, but I think it's worth the juice.

Also, as I mentioned, I may push these features to the HydMoney app, and may work on an Android app for this website as well.

Stay tuned for more, next week!